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Terms and Conditions

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Welcome to the BOOKINGPRO.EU, BOOKINGPRO.RU, BOOKINGPRO.LV and REZERVACIJA.LV portal (hereinafter in the text referred to as “BOOKING PRO”). The owner and maintainer of BOOKING PRO is the company "RESTHOUSE Ltd".

BOOKING PRO has been created to help travellers get information about services provided by companies operating in the tourism business. BOOKING PRO offers a search tool to check the availability of accommodation and other services on certain dates and it provides access to online reservation according to the reservation terms indicated below.

Please read the present terms carefully. Each BOOKING PRO user is bound by the BOOKING PRO terms of use, regardless of whether he is a BOOKING PRO registered user.

BOOKING PRO reserves the right to change the existing rules without prior notice. The amendments enter into force when they are published in BOOKING PRO and your continued use of the services provided by BOOKING PRO according to these terms means your agreement to the terms.


  1. BOOKING PRO operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; however, it does not guarantee that the system will function without interruptions. BOOKING PRO operates on quality servers; however, some breakdowns in the operation – force majeure – are possible.
  2. BOOKING PRO (including the available services) is offered as is, without any additional guarantees from BOOKING PRO.
  3. BOOKING PRO makes every effort to ensure that the information published on the site is true, accurate and up to date; however, it does not guarantee that no errors will arise due to unforeseen circumstances.
  4. BOOKING PRO special deals are offered by our partners. In case these deals have any limitations and certain terms, they are listed under each offer.
  5. BOOKING PRO does not regulate and does not service any of the links to other websites found through BOOKING PRO, and consequently is not responsible for the information published therein.
  6. BOOKING PRO is not responsible for:

6.1. BOOKING PRO availability;

6.2. messages (both registered and unregistered) sent by BOOKING PRO users;

6.3. changes in BOOKING PRO registered users’ data caused by third parties’ unauthorized access;

6.4. consequences incurred through using the information available at BOOKING PRO

6.5. losses as a result of reservations which were not cancelled in due time


  1. Any conscious distortion and disruption of BOOKING PRO operations is not allowed
  2. Any establishment of links from other websites to the www.bookingpro.eu, www,bookingpro.ru, www.bookingpro.lv or www.rezervacija.lv websites without prior coordination is prohibited with the exception of BOOKING PRO partners – the accommodation owners – who are allowed to create links to BOOKING PRO without permission.

3. It is strictly forbidden to use BOOKING PRO to place comments and send other BOOKING PRO users or potential users information

3.1. the publishing or sending of which may violate or infringe upon third party intellectual property rights (copyrights, etc.);

3.2. which is an affront to personal dignity and respect;

3.3. which calls for violence, racial hatred or other illegal activities;

3.4. which is vulgar, libellous or otherwise abusive;

3.5. which contains viruses or is designed to harm a computer or an electronic communications software operation (security);

3.6. which contains spam (junk mail, spam, chain letters) or uncoordinated advertisements;

3.7. which contains pornographic content;

3.8. which contains any kind of information that affects or may affect BOOKING PRO normal operations and safety. In case such information is found, BOOKING PRO is entitled to delete it immediately.

4. When making a reservation at BOOKING PRO:

4.1. BOOKING PRO visitors may only make a valid registration or reservation; fraudulent reservations are strictly prohibited. If the visitor has given false information, BOOKING PRO maintains the right to cancel the reservation and delete the profile without prior warning.

4.2. BOOKING PRO is not responsible for inaccurate reservations.

4.3. Before booking, please check the description of the accommodation and cancellation provisions to ensure that they are in line with the services indicated by BOOKING PRO.

4.4. The booking confirmation means that you agree to all terms indicated in connection with the execution of your request.

4.5. Once reservations are confirmed, it is possible to waive them until the deadline indicated in the conditions.

4.6. Reservations are regarded as completed, and services as guaranteed, only after payment is effected.

4.7. In case the reservation is cancelled later than the stated rules of the accommodation stipulate, or in case of failure to arrive at all, accommodation keeps the deposit as compensation, and the deposit is not refunded.


When you become a registered user of BOOKING PRO, you are entirely responsible for your own user profile information as well as for any use of your profile, including if it is used by another person.


"RESTHOUSE Ltd.” owns BOOKING PRO and all intellectual property rights related thereto.


All information that you provide when making a booking or becoming a registered user is confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties.


All disputes in respect of these regulations arising between the BOOKING PRO owner and maintainer and BOOKING PRO users are settled by mutual negotiations. If the disputes and differences arising can not be resolved by negotiations, they are resolved in court

If you do not understand any of the present terms, please contact us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it