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Jaunsvirlaukas pagasts • Jelgavas novads • Latvia
  Address Līči, Jaunsvirlaukas pagasts, Jelgavas novads, LV-3031, Latvia 63058443 ; 29209514 Contact hotel

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We offer staying overnight and good relaxation in any of the five comfortable rooms, up to 15 people.
Prices starting from Ls 15, - 30,-.
- Single, double room for students (WC, shower, radio)
- Double room with individual beds (WC, shower, TV set)
- Double room, 2 adults and single, double beds for children's (WC, shower, TV set)
- Double room (WC, shower, TV set)
- Luxury room with en-suite facilities (WC, shower, TV set, fireplace, fridge, electric teapot)

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Area activities

Velocopter is famous attraction in the Nederlands. You can try one also in "Līči". You can drive your velocopter like driving a bicycle and looking at others from 4,5 m height.
You can take a nice ride in a host driven tractor-train across "Līči" grassland, near the river, flowering flowerbeds and cucumber and tomato greenhouses.
Summer ice-run
You think children can use ice-run only in winter? Come to "Līči" and see how it works in summer!
Children cycle track
A nice children cycle track under pavilion is waiting for a ride by anything you can ride on!
We have all necessary equipment for playing minigolf on 10 different areas.
Our young visitors will be happy to take a ride in a carousel!
Almost the same as bowling! Try its country version!

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8.00 - 20.00

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